• Flow cell Accessories - Cathode Electrolyte Storage Tank 100ml
    AU$233.95 AU$291.95
  • In-situ Raman spectroscopy Electrochemical cell 30ml
    AU$2,854.95 AU$3,568.95
  • H-Type Sealed Electrochemical Cell 60ml 100ml ID 24mm OD 40mm
    AU$699.95 AU$874.95
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DekResearch was founded in July 2010 in ShangHai. It is an outcome of an entrepreneurial process based on exploitation of an academic technology at ShangHai University.

The Headquarter and R&D Department are located in ShangHai. The company has one branch Assembly & Distribution, located in AGH Center of HK.

We provide laboratory instruments that can be widely used in electrical analysis and testing, electrical corrosion, electrochemical testing, electrode reaction research, electrochemical reaction mechanism research, battery reactions (fuel cells, lithium batteries, perovskite batteries, microbial batteries, etc.) and The field of research and development of new energy materials. So what we are actually doing is creating an added value for existing laboratory facilities. In practice we are taking needs and opinions of scientist to create new methods that actually benefit to whole research community.


DekResearch is a professional R&D and manufacturer of electrochemical instruments and related accessories (electrochemical cells, electrodes, and other electrochemical auxiliary products). Our customers are all over the world in universities, corporate scientific research institutions, and many medical, chemical, biological, environmental protection and other fields around the world.

We are the official store who devotes itself to providing laboratory instrumentation.We have already gained so much experience in the field of electrochemical trading and our final goal is to offer our customers various kinds of laboratory instrumentation and at best price. We are gradually becoming one of the top instrumentation online shop throughout the world and we do hope we could make you outstanding by providing the real good stuff you want. Enjoy your shopping with us and have a nice day.


Since its inception, DekResearch has been dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of electrochemical-related products. The company has strict product quality requirements, high-quality raw materials, unique production technology and rigorous inspection process to make the product quality superior and durable. Coupled with good and efficient after-sales service, the product has been praised by many experts and scholars.

The products developed by our company include electrochemical three-electrode sensors, replaceable electrode holder, sealed electrolytic cell,H-type replaceable membrane electrolytic cell, corrosion electrolytic cell, photoelectrochemical cell, fuel cell, temperature-controlled electrolytic cell, in-situ characterization reaction cells, electrochemical flow cells and other electrochemical products.The products are favored by users at home and abroad. The products are exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea……


With the development of society and science and technology, the application fields of electrochemical research are becoming wider and wider. Our company will continue to take scientific and technological innovation as the leading factor, keep in mind the tenet of “helping scientific research and serving scientific research”, control quality, increase research and development strength, and satisfy with the different needs of various customers, we will provide each customer with high-quality products with the most sincere service.